WDXE, LAWRENCEBURG, TENNESSEE

                              MARCH 25, 2004- MARCH 29, 2005


   WDXE has generally succeeded in achieving broad and inclusive outreach during the one year period prior to filing its Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity Program Report.  We have utilized both broadcast and print mass media serving all elements of our community and surrounding recruitment areas.  In addition, we have utilized the internet and direct contact with area high schools and college students and members of the general public who were invited to attend job fairs.

   WDXE attended and participated in the Tennessee Association of Broadcaster’s Member Career Fair January 10, 2005 by staffing a booth to represent WDXE.

    WDXE participated to further the goal of disseminating information as to employment opportunities in broadcasting to job candidates who might otherwise be unaware of such opportunities.   Station representatives Brad Brown and Ron Fisher represented WDXE at this Career Fair.

   WDXE works with and will continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce and the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters, the Tennessee Department of Employment Security, the Lawrence County Career Center, and other agencies that focus on recruiting both industry and employees for area employment.  WDXE provides equal opportunity to all job applicants and in the event of a full time opening, these organizations will be contacted, along with others who may be identified as beneficial to the Equal Opportunity initiative.





WDXE is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer.  If your non-profit community based organization would like to be contacted about future job opportunities at WDXE, this is your invitation to contact us.  Your Organization will be added to our list of concerned community organizations who wish to refer job applicants for future employment opportunities.  Just call us during regular business hours at 762 4411.  WDXE is an Equal Opportunity Employers.


This announcement was broadcast 700 times on WDXE during the reporting period.




EEO Program Report

WDXE, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

March 25, 2004-March 29, 2005


There were no Full-time openings at WDXE during this period.




Equal Opportunity Initiative

WDXE strives to promote non-discrimination in all employment actions as well as diversity in the workplace.

WDXE wants to maximize the pools of qualified applicants, including those from culturally and racially diverse backgrounds.

WDXE promotes broadcasting as an exciting and rewarding career.



Lawrence County Tennessee Market

Equal Opportunity Program

WDXE Radio serves the Lawrence County area and provides equal opportunity to all job applicants.

To formalize our program of equal opportunity, WDXE will utilize the following procedures to fill all future full-time job opportunities:

1. A list of recruitment source to be utilized to generate applicants for every full time job opportunity will be maintained, periodically revised and updated.

2. Notices of all full-time employment opportunities will be distributed.

3. A list of  community organizations accepting this opportunity will be maintained and used to solicit applicants for all full-time job openings.

4. In the event of a full-time opening, these organizations, and other sources on our list, will be contracted and a reasonable amount of time after contact, allowed before a hiring decision is made.

5. A list of community organizations including those  assisting minority and female job seekers will be created, and these organizations will be offered, in writing, an opportunity to be notified of all full time openings.

6. These efforts will be supplemented with at least two additional recruitment events every two years.  WDXE will be actively involved in these events.  They could include the annual Career Day, workshops for Explorer Scouts, or other events that are reasonable calculated to reach potential job applicants outside of the broadcast industry.  All station participation will be documented.



Recruitment Source List

Tennessee Association of Broadcasters

P.O. Box 101015

Nashville, TN  37224-1015

Phone: 615-399-3791

Fax: 615-361-3488



TDOL and WD Career Center

241 East Taylor Street

P.O. Box 309

Lawrenceburg, TN  38464-0309

Phone: 766-1405

Fax: 766-1410


Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce

1609 North Locust Avenue

Lawrenceburg, TN  38464

Phone: 931-762-4911


Business and Professional Women

P.O. Box 72

Lawrenceburg, TN  38464

Phone: 931-853-7352


The Advocate

121 North Military Avenue

Lawrenceburg, TN  38464

Phone: 762-1726


The Democrat-Union

238 Hughes Street

Lawrenceburg, TN  38464

Phone: 762-2222


Lawrence County High School

1500 Springer Road

Lawrenceburg, TN  38464

Phone: 762-9412




                                            FOR PUBLIC FILE

                                WDXE, LAWRENCEBURG, TENNESSEE

                                     MARCH 25, 2004- MARCH 29, 2005




          1.  None  (There were no full time openings during this reporting period.)




        1.  Tennessee Associations of Broadcasters Annual Winter Conference Career Fair.  January 10,  2005.



Tennessee Association of Broadcasters Annual Winter Conference Event

Maxwell House Hotel, 2025 Metro Center Blvd, Nashville, TN  37228

Tennessee Association of Broadcasters Member Station Career Fair.

Event Coordinator: Whit Adamson, President TAB

Phone: 615-321-1626

WDXE participated with the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters' Member Career Fire January 10, 2005 by staffing a booth to represent WDXE.

WDXE AM/FM, Lawrenceburg, TN- participated to further the goal of disseminating information as to employment opportunities in broadcasting to job candidates who might otherwise be unaware of such opportunities.

Names of those attending the conference and job fair representing the station's hiring interests are Brad Brown and Ron Fisher.

Related documentation for annual summary description of Supplemental Outreach Initiatives is on file.